Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robotics.

Sensor Model Experiment
sensor model based on probabilistic theory for common/popular sensors such as the sonar/laser range finer/IR sensor.
Mapping Experiment
Mapping is the process by which a robot moves around its environment, scans it with its sensors and makes representations of the environment.
Localization Experiment
Localization has proven to be the most critical aspect of mobile robot navigation. Generally indoor localization is achieved with the aid of maps over and above dead reckoning.
Grid Navigation Experiment
The environment consisting of obstracles is represented as a rectangular array of cells. A cell that is occupied is blocked implying that during the later process where the cost of the cell is computed from the goal, these cells would not be considered fo
Kinematics Experiment
Kinematics is the science of motion that studies properties of motion without considering the forces that act to cause such motion. The scope of kinematics includes position, velocity, acceleration and other higher order derivatives of position with respe
Scan Matching Experiment
Scan matching is the process of registering two sets of 3D or 2D point cloud data in a common reference frame.
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