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Expression Evaluation


This experiment guides you using stacks in a practical example. Stacks are an important data structure and finds applications where essentially the data item that is stored latest is what needs to be accessed first. Examples of applications of stakcs in natural settings include a stack of books on a table. Typically, as you pile books on a desk, the book that you can access instantly is the one that you placed at the latest time.

A good computing application of stacks is to use it to evaluating arithmetical expressions. In this experiment, we will go through the entire expression evaluation process. The attached notes and the slides describe the technical details. The animation can help you understand the process via several examples. Use these resources to develop code for your own expression evaluator. To add a good interface, you can consider a small web interface where in one can type an expression and ask for it to be evaluated. Think of Google which can do this for most expressions.

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