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To study Thermodynamics and Thermal Stability of proteins.






The thermal stability and shelf life of protein varies depending upon the type of buffer it is dissolved in. This module will explain how to estimate the thermodynamics parameters like enthalpy (ΔH), entropy (ΔS), and equilibrium constant of unfolding. The simulation will involve the measurement of CD data for a single protein at different temperatures. The simulation will report the change in mean residue ellipticity at 222nm. Simulation will calculate a transition plot with the changes in MRE at 222nm as a function of temperature. Using this user will estimate the melting point temperature (Tm). Following the user will plot the van't Hoff plot and using this he will estimate thermodynamics parameters: enthalpy of unfolding (ΔH), entropy of unfolding(ΔS), change in ΔG at a given temperature and equilibrium constant of unfolding.


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